Become the creative person you’ve always wanted to be.

Get creative training, activities and inspiration every week.

Ignoring your creative gifts feels miserable.

Do you feel stuck, uninspired, or unmotivated?  Rediscovering your Creative Super Power can help you learn more about yourself, find purpose in your life and feel more fulfilled.

Major companies like Google, Apple and Zappos already know the power of creativity and are leaders in developing creative enrichment for their corporate culture.   You too can experience the benefits of creativity; at work, in your daily life, and relationships.

Your Creative Super Power is already in you.   

I’m Shawna St James, artist, author and creative coach.  In the Creative Jumpstart Program, I share what I’ve learned, with over 10 years of research, and training, to help you find your own Creative Super Power.   

The Creative Jumpstart Program includes weekly activities, videos, Facebook Lives, emails, Q&A sessions and more.

What’s included in the program…


With your monthly program you can access exclusive downloads & videos packed full of creative building tips and activities. 


Get all of your weekly prompts & journal sections for prompts and notes as you move through the program. The book is will be mailed to your chosen address


Get weekly emails reminding you to keep building your creative practice with activities, projects, journal prompts, inspiration & so much more.


The Creative Jumpstart Facebook community connects you with other members. PLUS live trainings and Q&A!


Monthly creative coaching calls with Shawna to ask questions and focus on your creative growth in a way that fits your needs.

Build Your Creative Muscles

Art activities are only part of this program.  Your creative gifts may or may not be “artistic”—and that’s ok!

We’ll focus on the creative “process,” and all the varieties of creative gifts we each possess.

Instead of learning art techniques, you’ll build the life skills of self-awareness,  better communication, and innovative thinking. 

A Program Plan that Fits Your Lifestyle

Each week, Shawna St James will send you training videos, life and art activities,  bonus surprises, and more.

You can do these activities  whenever it’s most convenient for you.  Each activity is designed to be reasonable and achievable.  

You’ll also be part of a private Facebook community where you can share your wins, challenges and get encouragement. 

Our Guarantee to You

Boost your brain power and have fun in the

Creative Jumpstart Program.

1 Still, Have Questions?  Here’s what you need to know before you invest: 

What’s included in the program?

Each week you will receive: 

Private Facebook Group Video Training:  Shawna will talk about the weekly assignments, cover additional learning points, and discuss more creative boosting ideas in videos and FB Live broadcasts.
This private community offers you a spot to share your thoughts, experiences and completed project pics with other members.
Shawna will also post bonus FB Live Videos with motivational ideas, inspiration, her painting process, and behind the scenes peeks.

Whole-Life Activity:  These activities and assignments expand your creative experience with additional self-exploration journal prompts.  You’ll receive your prompts in a paperback book that is shipped to you- plus get your first few weeks right away in a PDF download when you join the program.

Each month you receive:

Mini  Art Activity: A simple, no pressure, “no art skills required” activity that uses basic supplies like markers, colored pencils, etc.  We’ll send you the supply list when you become a member, so you will have everything you need to dive in.

Private Coaching Call:  Each month, you can talk with Shawna about any creative challenges, goals, questions, or ideas you may have.  Shawna will send you a pre-coaching call questionnaire and topic, so you can get the most out of your monthly coaching call. 

How much time will I have to complete the assignments?

As long as you’re a member, you will always have access to the training materials.  New activities and assignments will be available each month.  Take as long as you like to finish them.   

What equipment will I need for this?

You will need a computer or tablet/smart device with internet access
Free email, dropbox, Zoom and Facebook accounts (all free–don’t worry, Shawna will show you how to set up a dropbox and Zoom account if you don’t already have them)

Your printed downloads and supplies (We will send you the the supply list of what you will need for each assignment)

How will I know what supplies I need for the activities?  

We’ll provide you with a downloadable supply list of everything you’ll need You can easily grab these basic art making items at your local hobby/art store or even your grocery store.  Although your total supply costs will vary, they should be less than $50.   

 What if I want to cancel the program?  

You can cancel at any time by logging into your account on the website. Your program installment is good for a year and will be billed for that year and billing will stop after your 1 year commitment.

  How will I receive the learning materials?

Each weekly training includes a video, printed handouts and worksheets for you to download.  You’ll also get a video with guidance, instructions and demonstrations for all of the bonus art projects. 

Don’t miss your chance to

build your creative skills.

Become a Creative Jumpstart Member now.

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