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I teach you how to paint & discover your creative superpower

Improve your painting skills and artistic knowledge in Shawna‘s classes.  Get in-depth techniques, tools, and demonstrations, whether you choose a video course or in-person class.  

Take a fun workshop packed full of techniques and information.  In just a few hours, you’ll leave with a finished piece (or a couple) and with skills you can use to create more “masterpieces” on your own.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Acrylic Painting Class

Starts: Feb 11, 2020


Do your colors get muddy?

Or, you get stuck somewhere in the middle of your painting.

Maybe, you’ve never painted and not quite sure where to begin.

Acrylic dries fast which means you can focus on learning skills and practicing techniques. This class will have you painting with confidence.

Fluid Acrylic Abstract Workshop

Date:  TBA


Have you tried the latest “poured” acrylics trend, but weren’t happy with your results?

Learn techniques and a more sophisticated way to use these paints.

Create stunning pieces with fresh, vibrant colors and powerful composition.

This is one of Shawna’s favorite mediums & she can’t wait to share it with you!

Alcohol Ink Workshop

Date: Feb 12, 2020


These translucent and vibrant inks seem to glow!

Have you seen alcohol inks, but you’re too intimidated to try them?

They can be especially hard to work with if you don’t have the right materials & techniques.

Get the tips & tricks to creating amazing abstracts in this fun and relaxing workshop.

Jumpstart Your Creativity

Art activities are only part of this program. Your creative gifts may or may not be “artistic”—and that’s ok! We’ll focus on the creative “process,” and all the varieties of creative gifts we each possess.

Do you feel stuck, uninspired, or unmotivated?  Rediscovering your Creative Super Power can help you learn more about yourself, find purpose in your life and feel more fulfilled.


Creative Self-Awareness Workshop

Creative Self-Awareness Workshops led by two great minds ready to help individuals and business leaders make better decisions.  Be more productive and innovative by developing emotional intelligence, creative problem-solving skills and cultivating self-awareness.  Why self-awareness? Simply put, it’s the key to mastering what we do and creating what we want.

Empowered Students

While learning to paint as an adult is exciting, it can also be intimidating! Shawna’s fun personality really encourages me to relax and enjoy the creative process. She has so much artistic knowledge. I learned new skills & techniques in every class.
-Carrie H.

Shawna was my first acrylic painting teacher. Her goal in teaching is to create a joyful environment where painting is a place for growth and peace. She encouraged me to explore how to use color and texture to communicate through my artwork.

-Karen A.

I really enjoy the freedom of being able to experiment and create our own work; and not  just copying something.
-Kiah Bradford

Wow! What a surprise! I had so much fun using the other part of my brain—so fun and relaxing


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