Here are the top 3 job skills employers want in 2020

In a recent report by Linked In, creativity was the #1 job skill in 2020.  Employers want people who can develop new ideas and apply new solutions to solve existing problems.   This means they are looking for people whom can “think outside the box.”  Not surprisingly, even powerhouse tech companies are hiring more prospects with Liberal Arts degrees than compared with business or specialized degrees.

This is a good thing since, the number of “process driven” jobs are on a decline.  All jobs that can be completed with a robot and AI are replacing “people.”  So, it’s better to develop your future skill set with creativity in mind.

In a November 2019 report, CNBC posted that Udemy ranked growth mindset as one of the most necessary job skills.  People who have a growth mindset demonstrate the ability to adapt to change and continuously learn new things.

Hiring employees whom have the attitude that change and learning are all part of the job is a must for companies.  Keeping up with the fast-paced consumer and tech industry requires everyone to be open-minded, willing to change direction, and quickly adapt to the newest and latest demands.  As a result, job descriptions and responsibilities are constantly changing, so again, being flexible is very important.

In their recent publication, “The Future of Jobs,” The World Economic Forum listed complex problem solving as the number 1 job skill in demand.

Complex problem-solving is creativity on steroids because it combines your creative skills with a set of specific skills and steps.  This process looks like the following:
Define the problem—observation, analysis
Brainstorm alternatives—innovation, communication
Decision making—choosing a strategy, teamwork, negotiation
Implementing your decision—leadership, resilience

Complex problem solving is applying and using your creativity within a team.
So, here’s to “future-proofing” your career!
Focus on thinking more creatively, and it will help you at work.  Plus, the big bonus is that, it’s fun too.

I want you to be the employee everyone wants to hire!
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