When you’re engaged in a creative activity, you can experience creative flow.  The “flow state” allows you to block out everything else that’s going on around you, and just be absorbed in the creative experience.  BBC Worklife explains that creative flow is not just a state of mind, but also includes positive physical changes.  Here are 3 of them:

When you are doing a creativity activity and in the “state of flow,”  your body becomes more relaxed.  When you’re relaxed, both your heart rate and breathing slow.  Slower resting heart rates and breathing are associated with reduced risks for negative health conditions.

Engaging in creative activities, reduces blood pressure. When you are focused on the activity and staying present, your mind becomes distracted from your daily stresses and anxieties.  Your body experiences a sense of relaxation which goes along with the slower heart rate and breathing.

In studies with trauma survivors and HIV patients, creative writing, journaling and listening to music boosted their immune systems. They all showed increased CD+4 lymphocyte counts which are key to how effective our immune systems are at battling disease and viruses.

So, here’s to boosting your immune system, lowering your blood pressure, and slower resting heart rate and breathing!  You can download a couple of FREE Creative Jumpstart gifts with the links below.



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