I don’t know about you, but I can always use a little more happiness in my life.  The great news is that tapping into our creative side can give us a little extra dose of “happy.”  Here are 3 ways that doing creative activities makes us happier:

Forbes Contributor, Ashley Stahl explains that when we engage in creative activities our brain gets a hit of dopamine.  This is the feel-good chemical that gives you the feeling of pleasure.  So, when you choose creative activities that you enjoy, you feel happy.

In a study where people reported their anxiety levels before and after a craft activity, they all stated they felt more relaxed and felt less stress afterward.

Focusing on a creative activity helps you tap into your “creative flow.” And, when you’re in “the flow,” you forget about your worries and problems.  Taking the time to be creative gives your anxious mind the break it needs.

Creativity is intertwined with your brain activity, release of hormones and ultimately your feelings.
Reduced anxiety = less cortisol = less stress = happier.

When you create something, you produce a tangible result.  You also feel a sense of accomplishment when you produce something, which in turn, naturally boosts your confidence. We all experience a lot of “life stuff” that tears down our confidence, a confidence boost is always helpful and welcome.  Plus, people report having fun and feeling good when they’re engaged in a creative activity.

And, I don’t know about you, but “fun” is one of my most favorite activities!  So, Whether it be knitting, painting, drawing, cooking, or dancing….you get the idea; they all will make you feel happier.  Just get creative!

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